This programme is a global MBA programme of the University of Dundee, delivered in China. The Global MBA is tailored to suit established professionals, particularly middle and senior managers. It aims to help you in responding to the new global business environment and stand out in this challenging and unprecedented environment. In the core modules, you will learn the latest management theories and conduct a large number of case studies. In the practice workshops, under the guidance of professors, you will research the real organisational problems/challenges and propose solutions. It amis to help you develop your leadership and decision-making skills.


——Innovate, evaluate trends and drive change across all areas of business

——Understand the nature of value and value creation across all sectors

——Develop, promote and pitch ideas, opportunities, products and services

——Present a unique business vision in a highly competitive marketplace

——Develop managerial competence and advanced project management skills

——Develop enhanced abilities to analyse problems, scenarios and big data

——Negotiate and communicate successfully in a competitive business world


In the practice workshops, you will research real organisational problems/challenges and propose solutions.

In the professional business project, you need to use the knowledge you have learned to simulate a business practice project and achieve success.


At the beginning, the programme orientation will be delivered to enable you to have a comprehensive understanding of everything, as well as an opportunit to get to know fellow students and staff. 

In the core modules, you will learn the latest management theories and conduct a large number of case studies, group discussions and tutorials. 

The assessment of the coursework includes in-class performance and assignments.

The form of assignments may include research paper, essay questions, multiple choices, presentations, etc.



The total programme is 180 credits.  The Modules usually vary between 15 and 30 credits each. You will need to get a "pass" to obtain the credit for each module. 

Curriculum structure 

Dundee Global MBA in China